George Pokorny

Samuel D. Fendley Award 2019


Awarded to George Pokorny

Samuel D. "Doc'' Fendley (see photo under "History") was the first chorus director of the Schenectady Chapter, serving from 1944 to 1955 at which time he was transferred by GE to Waynesboro, VA. In a phone conversation a few years before passed, he reminisced about the early days of the chapter just as cheerfully and upbeat as he was when he directed the chorus. During those 11 years Doc jumped around the stage, flailed his arms, and did the total choreography bit all by himself. The Fendley Award was established in 1956 to honor the memory of Doc. It is roughly equivalent to the Barbershopper of the Year (BOTY) award given by other chapters. The Fendley Award is presented annually by the Schenectady Chapter to a member in good standing who has made a significant contribution to the Chapter. Initially, the award was given based on a point system, with points being given for offices held, quartet activity, leadership, meeting attendance, and a host of other factors. Later, this system was changed to one where the recipient is selected by a committee comprised of the three most recent Fendley Award winners. Current guidelines for the selection were spelled out and approved in a Board of Directors meeting on August 18, 1992.


Conway Award 2019


Awarded to Chuck Farone

The Bill Conway Award
is given from time to time to honor a member who has shown outstanding achievement and made significant contributions to the chapter. By way of background, Bill Conway was an irrepressible barbershopper. In 1948 his quartet, the Pittsburghers, won the international competition. Due to a serious illness that affected his vocal chords and effectively ended his competition career, Bill was limited in his later years to singing through a trachial amplifier, but that never slowed him down. In the mid 1950's, his company transferred him to Canajoharie, from where he began making 70-mile round trips to attend ECC practices. He pitched in in many ways to build up the Chorus, becoming stage manager for the chorus' shows, building much of the scenery, and all the while offering valuable advice & coaching to the chorus & its quartets. In 1990, the chapter established the Bill Conway award, to honor particularly outstanding achievement and contribution to the chapter.  The award isn't made every year. But it's presented whenever in the judgment of the President, it's especially deserved.   

Past Recipients 

  Fendlev Award — BOTY                           Conway Award
1956 Don Flom 1990 Dick Storey 1990   Bill Conway
1957 Ed Collins 1991 Chuck Eaker
1958 Joe Daniels 1992 Bob Walsh 1997  Ray Benoit
1959 John Stretch 1993 Hal Stephens Ed Gifford
1960 Dick Miller 1994 Jeff Mailhotte Steve Lawrence
1961 John Lock 1995 K.C. White 1998   Peg Lawrence
1962 Bill O’Conner 1996 Steve Lawrence 1999  Bob Todt, Sr.
1963 Ed Gifford 1997 Larry Clow 2000  Ray Benoit
1964 Steve Van Allen 1998 Roger Murphy 2003  Steve Lawrence
1965 Ed Fuchs 1999 Walt Lane 2004  Pat Clow
1966 Bob Coward 2000 Hal Stephens Jackie Mattice
1967 Leo Mailhotte 2001 Phil Christmas 2005  Bob Weinhold
1968 Bill Dubrey 2002 Richard Lenehan Bob & Barb Todt, Sr
1969 Leo Mailhotte 2003 Ed Gifford 2007  Randy Rosette
1970 Bob Weinhold 2004 Duane Cunningham 2008  Steve Lawrence
1971 Gaylord Preston Chuck Farone Jim Stearns
1972 Dave Brown 2005 Fred Simon 2009  Wally Adelmann
1973 Bob Burke 2006 Don Flom 2010
1974 Chet Pachucki 2007 Chris Jensen 2011
1975 Andy Onderdunk 2008 Jim Bowen 2012  Joe Smith
Bob Sutton 2009 Jim Stearns 2013  Ron Messersmith
1976 Nick Emanuele 2010 Joe Millett 2014  Richard Lenehan
1977 Allen Johnson 2011 Roger Murphy 2015 Joe Betz
Bill Lawrence 2012 Wally Adelmann 2016  Chuck Eaker
1978 Bill Conway 2013 Harry Willis 2017 n/a
Onnie Knapp
Don Kelsey

Chris Jensen
Dave Iovinella


2018  Walt Lane
Jim Bowen