About THE Electric City Chorus

(Above photo is from a joint performance with Saratoga's Racing City Chorus at Round Lake Auditorium in June 2019)

During this period of social distancing, we are meeting virtually on Tuesday evenings using the Zoom platform. Please contact us if you would like to join us for an evening, and we will send you a link!

Special Notice : January 2021

To Our Valued Clients and Audiences:
I hope that 2021 is starting to look so much better and hopeful than 2020 ended with regard to the safety and emotional well being of your clients and residents.  We at the Electric City Chorus miss all of the contacts we’ve maintained over the years and especially miss the camaraderie we experience when we sing together and for you.  
The ECC has not been together since March and we do not anticipate even getting together to practice in person until at least the spring or later ….. depending on CDC guidance, vaccine availability and frankly our own willingness to sing in close quarters.  It’s not the same singing on Zoom !!!   My gut is telling me that we probably will not be singing for clients until the summer at the soonest and even then possibly at venues that might accommodate you and us outside.  That way the clients and our singers may be able to maintain safer distances.  Pure speculation I realize as things seem to change so much and we all need to remain flexible ….. and smart.
I would ask two favors:
- please keep us in your plans as you look to open your residences for entertainers, especially larger groups such as us.
- if you have any current guidelines or plans in place for visitors / entertainment in 2021 …… could you please let me know (brief idea or email return would be great) or send the guides.  Our Board meets monthly and is trying to get a handle on what is being done at venues.
 We are just trying to look ahead 6 months and use your guides to help us make those singing (date) commitments we want to restart …. when safe.
Take care, miss you all ….. and hope to see you sooner than later.

Bill Serritella
Chorus Manager

 Men of the New York State Capital District, with a desire to sing in an accomplished chorus, are invited to join us and take advantage of our excellent leadership and instruction. For more information email: membership@electriccitychorus.net.

The Electric City Chorus is a men's a cappella vocal music group singing in the Barbershop Style. We strive to sing at the highest quality, to entertain, and to experience great fellowship and enjoyment. The Electric City Chorus is a member of the international barbershop organization, The Barbershop Harmony Society.

In normal times, the chorus produces an Annual Show, usually in the fall, and sings at many community venues in all seasons of the year. In addition the chorus competes with other choruses in the northeast section of the United States and eastern Canada. We also get together with other Choruses from time to time.

The Electric City Chorus is available to sing for the public, for community groups, or in concert. To arrange an appearance of ECC for your organization, please email the chorus manager, at: manager@electriccitychorus.net