Musical Directors

Chorus Director - Chris Jensen

Chris has been singing in choral groups since junior high school - a long time now. He has sung with large and small groups, madrigals, musical theater productions, highly competitive groups, and low-key community groups. In more recent years, he has taken college-level courses in choral directing and has served as assistant director, associate director and interim music director for several groups, including the ECC. His goal is to help singers connect with audiences and have a positive impact on both singers and audiences. Outside of the singing world, Chris works full-time as a database administrator for CHA Companies. His family includes his wife of 40+ years, Randy, three sons all living locally, and a 10 year old granddaughter who has him totally wrapped around her little finger.

Associate Director - Kermit H. Wamsley, Jr.

Kermit has been a Music Educator for over 30 years, mostly in the instrumental (band) world but his degree and professional certificates are for both instrumental and vocal music. He also has been a director and performer in many venues, as well as a cast vocal coach for musical theater. Professional duties have led to him stepping back a bit and taking on the role of Associate Director.  In his time as Director, Kermit led the Chorus to two awards as the Mountain Division's Most Improved Chorus. He is joined in musical leadership by the ECC's Director Emeritus, Chuck Eaker.